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Winter’s Bone
Grand Jury Prize, 2010
Class Project, May 2009

Frozen River
Grand Jury Prize, 2008
Class Project, May 2007

The Recruiter
Class Project, October 2005

Finishing Heaven
Class Project, September 2007

Great World of Sound
Class Project, January 2006

Moving Midway
Class Project, August 2006

Special Jury Prize, 2006
Class Project, July 2004

Manhattan, Kansas
Audience Award, 2006
Class Project, June 2005

Director's Fortnight, 2005
Class Project, March 2004

Red Doors
Official Selection, 2005
Class Project, July 2004

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Ethan Hawke


Film Maker Magazine

Alan Oxman, Betsy Kagen, and Chris Branca taught a class that covered the technical and the creative as well as the practical aspects of both editing and of being an editor, but they did something else that impressed me. They paid attention to all the students as individuals. More...

Movie Maker November 2007
Editor Chad Beck Cuts From the Heart

The editor of No End in Sight is looking for some action. More...

Apple Article January 2005 -
The Edit Center: Cut to Sundance

On the road to this year's Sundance Film Festival, two films took a helpful detour through The Edit Center. More...

Movie Maker June 2006
Dirty Pretty Things

Award-winning editor—and founder of The Edit Center—Alan Oxman encourages students to get their hands dirty. More...

The Edit Center on the Sundance Channel
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Time Out New York
Cutting Class

Sundance films graduate from finishing school at The Edit Center. More...


Apple Article August 2001 -
Film Students Make the Cut

At The Edit Center, a New York school where editor Alan Oxman (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness, Unzipped, Two Girls and a Guy) teaches film editing, novice editors work on real projects during their six-week course. More...

The Edit Center on NY1
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Cutting to the Front of the Line
The idea behind the school is deceptively simple and is unique in the sense that everyone involved stands to benefit considerably.More...

Film Maker Magazine

Oxman stresses learning through experience: "It wasn't a boring exercise that everyone was doing, but a real movie. Their enthusiasm is what allowed the students to learn to use the equipment and really cut scenes." More...

The Independent

Cutting Classes
The Edit Center in NYC

"I love the pieces that you chose," Hawke told Deepa Donde, a student with no prior editing experience. More...


Edit Center Cuts to DV Chase
In the world of low-budget filmmaking, few things come cheap or easy. The Edit Center in New York City is doing its best to help ease the pain. More...

Editors Net

The Edit Center Gets 'Chelsea Walls' Into Cannes
The Edit Center...announced that its first completed feature film, Chelsea Walls, has just been accepted into the Director's Fortnight of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. More...

Film Maker Magazine

Final Cut Pro Case Studies: The Edit Center
Oxman created a school to teach the art and craft of editing. But rather than teach editing in a dry, academic setting, Oxman replicated for his students the way most independent production folks learn their craft - by doing it. More...

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